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Yes. Just yes. One of the first games I played was castle crashers, this song gives me childhood memory's. I'm making a geometry dash level of this song too! As I am with piercing laser and winterbliss. This song is the most memorable because it was the one I heard the most. Thank you for making this awesome song!

Yes! This song! I remember listening to this song while I banged on the door to that one place on castle crashers franticly trying to get in! I love it! Five stars for reminding me of my childhood

Ahhhh. One of the first games I ever played was castle crashers. It took me years to beat it and when I saw the necromancer I fell in love. But the awesome music that was playing also got my sisters attention! Now I bought the necromancer DLC and used him a lot! But nothing stopped me from fighting the necromancer as the necromancer. But I loved this music and it reminds me of the good old days of playing castle crashers. I'm also making a geometry dash level of this song. I will never part from this song and will always listen to it to remember my childhood. You are kinda my hero. This was the first video game theme I loved and now my sisters and friends complain how I'm talking about this song or another one. Thank you for making me the guy I am now, the dude sitting with his headphones listening to the enderman rap making a Minecraft texture pack.

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Aww thanks! You should check out my other music, Simple Sight Part 2 is uploaded to, Piercing Lazer has had new music coming out, I've been working on the new record :D Thanks!

I loved all of the meltdown songs, this one and the 7 seas tied for first. So I like listening to remixes of them. This has got to be one of my favorites! I like techno and electronic music, so this song is perfect to me. I love this one over the other remixes. I hear slight changes and they make the song better. And am I the only one who noticed that part of this song on the game near the start sounds different if you have headphones off. I think it sounds better with the headphones on. I like how this song sounds and I love all of the remixes. Now i think you may have made a little to many remixes, but it just got better each one. I dont give out a ton of possitive reviews on other websites cuz i think people can do better, but you have tryed this hard and i love it. Thanks for reading my gigantic review, it was my first one and I hope I helped.

yo, blockheads are people also, ok? chill out

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