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Yes, just yes, complete yes. I recently got back to Castle Crashers and used the Necromancer from the DLC, I'm getting back into Newgrounds in general as well. Now I'm moving to Battleblock Theater and planning to replay Alien Hominid eventually. This remaster made the nostalgia hit me like a (attempts to think of a good Necromancer pun, cant....) Truck. I'm probably a little late to say, but it's cool and thank you for remaking this masterpiece.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! All I did was mix it a little differently for modern times though. I'm hoping more people give the upcoming new album a chance.


now, this song is so cool! im addicted to the origonal, so you bet i like this. its so cool!

The first time I heard it was on Speed run 4, the famous roblox game. I never knew where it came from, but I found it! I like how its 8-Bit and what's the word for everyday music? But this song is amazing!

Awesome! I like the first one a lot better but that's the thing with remakes. I'm gonna make a Geometry dash level on this one too. Now it sounds a lot like the first one, but a different rhythm. That's what I like about it.
It. Its awesome. :-D

RealFaction responds:

Thanks, just be sure to give me credit.

simply awesome. that is all.

Yeah, I love this song! While me and my sisters played castle crashers I tried to memorise this level. So I grew attached and me love.

Omg its amazing! Me and my sisters have played castle crashers together for so long and this was one of our favorite themes. Its amazing! I'm making a geometry dash level of this song.

Yes castle crashers. Reminds me of my childhood and stuff. I love it. No more to say

This theme reminds me of my childhood when I played castle crashers, nothing to say about it.

yo, blockheads are people also, ok? chill out

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